Glacier Access


** Unguided glacier access is available only in the summertime, please call for more details **

Matanuska Glacier Access  **NEW RULES AND REGULATIONS** please see below

Season: Self guided access is now OPEN!

Departures: Unguided, open at 10:00 a.m. everyday

Cost: $30 per person

Included: Glacier access fee only. (No gear included.)

Duration: No time limit, but visitors must be off the ice by 6 p.m. Thank you.

Consideration and Rules:

  • Trail is marked by orange cones, placed with purpose to allow a less risky trek. MUST STAY ON TRAIL (there still is a risk of danger due to walking directly on ice) . Do not go past the marked cones ending the trail.
  • Take any warning signs seriously. They are placed with purpose to help you have a less risky trek.
  • If you wish to go beyond the marked trail you must have a guide with you.
  • It is required to keep your cell phone on at all times in case of an emergency or if the office needs to get a hold of you
  • Do not step into any water. Puddles or streams can be very deep. 
  • Do not jump over any crevasses. If it is too big that you can not easily step over it, it is too big to cross. 
  • Do not try and climb ice that is too steep that you would have to slide down. This will cause serious injury
  • Drones are not allowed, this is in consideration of the other people on the glacier, their privacy and enjoyment of the natural surrounding sounds. 
  • Whatever you pack in, you MUST pack out. This includes food. Even something as simple as an apple core can stay on the ice for several years because it will not decompose. 
  • Be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your animal.



We offer glacier access for those who want to take their time, on their own, to explore the Matanuska Glacier in a very personal way. The trail leads one-half of a mile on to the toe of the glacier, to an area that is marked off with signs to insure safety. You'll have a beautiful view of the face of the glacier with the Chugach mountain range, and the beginning of the Matanuska River.

If you have little to no experience hiking on ice, then we strongly suggest booking a tour with a tour company.

Check out these companies for different guided options:

Matanuska Glacier Adventures

Dr. Sarah's Tour



Glacier Access to Matanuska Glacier in Alaska

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For quicker service, please call us directly at Telephone: 907-745-2534 or Toll-Free: 888-253-4480 to book your Matanuska Glacier Tour. If you haven't thought about visiting the glacier in winter, now's the time!