Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to drive to the glacier? 2.5 hours. -You need to give yourself at least 2 and a half hours to drive from Anchorage, AK. during summer season, be sure to look into construction that may be occuring during the day that may delay you. It is important to arrive 30 min. before your tour so we can get started on time.

—-Turn off TO palmer NOT wasilla is mile 34. Onto the glenn highway.

Do we have to take a tour? In the WINTER, yes. The only access to the Glacier is by guided tour only. Only in the SUMMER (when access opens, which varies year to year) are you allowed to go onto the ice by self guided access, however you are required to stay on the marked trail unless you are with one of our recognized guides.

Where are the ice caves? Our ice caves are really only accessible in the winter time. On a rare occasion there can be ice caves that are accessible in the summer time however the tours typically will take longer therefore cost more due to taking up more of a guides time. (please feel free to call the office to see if there is something available.

What should I wear?  During the WINTER: you must bring warm boots/socks, insulated jacket, snow pants, hats and gloves. More layers are better to have that not enough. In the SUMMER: waterproof hiking shoes are strongly encouraged! Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen are also suggested as it can be very bright and actually easy to get a little pink on a nice sunny day. Thin layers are great in case you need to put more on as if the breeze picks up, or take some off it the warm sun is out. Do not wear high heel boots for either season. This can be very dangerous for walking conditions on the ice during any season and your microspikes will not fit properly on your boot as well.

Can we make a custom tour? If you are looking to get a more private look at the glacier but we are unable to accommodate during that time, check out one of our favorite guides, check out Dr. Sarah’s Alaska Adventures, . Sarah actually completed her PhD researching the Matanuska Glacier and absolutely loves sharing her knowledge with others.

How do I book a tour? The fastest way to book a tour and to get any questions you have answered is by giving us a call at 907.745.2534. Otherwise you can use this link to book a glacier tour.

How do I pay for a tour? Here at Glacier Park, we do not charge you until you have actually arrived on site for you tour, unless otherwise specified. So there is no worry of a cancelation fee.

Is the Matanuska Glacier in a National Park? We are a private park and the area is owned by Cook Inlet Regional.

How much are tours? Start at $100 a person.

How far is it to walk? Tours typically run around 3 miles round trip, self guided access trail varies year to year.

Do you rent/ sell equipment for walking on the glacier? No we do not. The only time equipment will be provided is with a guided tour.

What time are tours available? WINTER: 11 AM or 2 PM SUMMER: 9 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM or 5 PM

What’s the weather going to be like? Sunny with a chance of rain or snow depending on the season.

How do I get to the Glacier Park? We are located right at Mile 102 on the Glenn Highway. Grab our GPS address that’s located at the top of the webpage. Once you get to the entrance, you will see a little yellow building. Take the driveway to the left for 1 mile and you will cross a bridge and you will see our lodge just after.

Will there be wildlife (bear or moose) on the glacier? No. We have lots of wildlife in the surrounding area, but due to no food sources on the ice, animals will not waste their time and energy walking on the ice.

Do I need bear spray or mosquito spray? Simply, no. It is not needed.

Should we tip our guide? Absolutely! Tipping your guide will definitely show your appreciation for them keeping you safe, taking you out on the ice, showing you the amazing features that it has to offer, and having a good time. Just like any other industry, a 20% tip is perfectly appropriate or more if you loved your time!