Summertime on the glacier!

Summertime tours are now available which means trekking across glacier terrain, drinking glacier water, and sunshine. We are open seven days a week, 9am-9pm! Due to summer conditions, ice caves are no longer available for exploring. However, ice cave tour season will be back before you know it! Give us a call for more information […]

Alaska Glacier Tours Matanuska Glacier

Springtime on the Glacier

Happy Spring! Here in the Matanuska Valley we are experiencing rising temperatures and blue bird days. That means we are transitioning from the winter season to the summer season. Here are some of our recent pictures for you to enjoy. We hope you come and enjoy the glacier before the winter conditions are gone! We […]

Blue Ice Cave Matanuska Glacier in Alaska

Blue Ice!

Here at the Matanuska Glacier we have plenty of blue ice to explore! Vibrant colors shine in both the winter and summer seasons for our clients to enjoy and photograph. Ever wonder why blue ice is blue? Well, due to the chemical bond between oxygen and hydrogen in water, it absorbs light in the red […]

Matanuska Glacier is a fun Alaskan Adventure

Looking for an authentic Alaskan adventure? We got you covered.

Looking for an authentic Alaskan adventure? We got you covered. The Matanuska is the largest glacier accessible by car. Beginning in the northern snow and ice fields of Mount Witherspoon (12,023 feet) and Mount Marcus Baker (13,176 feet), it begins it decent from a hanging glacier to the valley floor. The Chugach mountains receive the […]

Matanuska Glacier Ice Caves

Into the unknown: ice caves

November 14, 2017 Yet another Alaskan winter is upon us here at the Matanuska Glacier. The snow has fallen, covering the many cracks and crevasses of the glacier. With this, glacier caves are beginning to form within the ice. Caves are carved out by water running through the glacier producing one of the most popular […]